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Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 09:08:10 +1100

At 07:23 PM 12/14/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I like anything anyone does to add Adeptus Titanicus fluff back into the
>game (but I'm biased really badly).
>I...hmm...I like the concept you used for the Shield Overloads but I'm not
>sure how well it would work in the game. SM battles last a lot less time
>then AT ones you know. And a 1 turn invulnerability could be a GIGANTIC

No. It isn't one TURN'S invulnerability, it's one PHASE (the First Fire
phase or the Advance Fire Phase). This means that if you see your Reaver
sitting out in the open on the first turn facing down an Imperial Guard
Heavy Company and a Shadowsword Company, you can at least survive the phase
to fire your weapons. The enemy will probably still unload a huge amount
of fire into your Titan as they know that once the phase is over, you have
to roll with a modifier for the number of hits the shields took, which can
result in the destruction of the Titan anyway. But at least you get to
shoot your weapons. And it also may not help your Titan to survive to get
into hand-to-hand as the test for overload is made at the end of the PHASE
you were invulnerable for.

>-2 to shoot down shields. yikes. That's going WAY to far. Remember the game
>is D6 based ;) Ball rounds should ignore shields, that's what they used to
>do in the AT days anyways. Void missiles...I THINK they were countered by
>active void shields (have to check the text).

I agree. Personally I am quite happy with the way Void Shields work at the
moment, I'm just unhappy with how vulnerable a Titan is when its shields
are down. I just want to see Titans a little tougher to weaker weapons
once the shields are down. Nothing more. I don't think we need to
increase the number of or toughness of shields anymore than they are at the
moment except maybe for allowing the old Overload rule.


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