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From: Brian Evans <Evans.Brian_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 17:57:03 -0500

Keep barrages simple. If we start having modifiers for target speed, target
orders, spotters, barrage type, etc. We might as well add another phase to
the game. I like the Artillery rules from Epic Space Marines/Titan Legions.
If you can see the target = no scatter; if you can't see the target =
scatter. Add up the barrage points and see who gets hit. Simplicity
itself. :-)

Brian A. Evans

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> As an eldar player, I've got to say that they're a great army to play.
> Sure they have their weaknesses, but these ARE in character. Sure there
> aren't many troops, but THAT'S THE POINT! Eldar walk a fine line between
> cheese and crapness, but always make the opponent cautious. Yes, barrage
> weapons are the bane of any eldar commander, but these can be taken care
> of. If you stand your titans in the middle of the battlefield then of
> COURSE they're going to make a fine wraithbonfire (did you know
> 'bonfire' originated in the term 'bone-fire'? *g*)
> Just a quick point - can we introduce something to account for vehicles
> moving while a barrage in is flight? Perhaps have the barrage announced
> at the END of the turn, and landing at the beginning of the following
> turn? The player would write down where the barrage will land (+/-
> scatter) and then the 'victim' gets to move. Might make them less likely
> to go for the old 'first fire' approach.
> Alternatively, perhaps reduce the barrage strength by one 'level' on
> advance orders, or 2 levels for charge to indicate the target is going
> to be a ground zero for a shorter amount of time.
> Maybe the flight-time of projectiles can be accounted for? Up to half
> max range and they land in the same turn a la normal rules, over this
> and they use one of the sugestions above?
> Feedback welcome, and I didn't propose these ideas JUST coz I like
> eldar! I think it'd make it more fun for the artillery too - guessing
> where that Phantom is going to dodge to next... Besides, forcing them to
> keep moving will reduce the chance of your own troops getting hit.
> K (who's dead excited cos his void stalker arrives today!!!)
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