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From: Brian Evans <Evans.Brian_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 19:11:37 -0500

I am most interested in Epic Space Marines/Titan Legions. I would very much
like NetEpic to be more like the former two.

No spotters in ESM/TL.
Normal infantry had no saves in ESM/TL, kept the game deadly.
All titans of the same class were the same cost in ESM/TL. Titan weapons
were not considered for cost in ESM/TL.
One-Shot Missiles were limited by availability in ESM/TL.
No separate Flyer phase with all the flyer sub-phases in ESM/TL. Flyers
were just another unit on the battlefield, they just had high movement
You could only shoot at a charging unit if you had First Fire in ESM/TL.
Titans could be hurt by infantry in ESM/TL. Take massive losses, but swarm
attacks could work.
Did have a separate psychic phase in ESM/TL.

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> >We use a house rule that only weapons with a -1 save modifier can knock
> >down
> >a shield.
> >Darius
> thats how it is in NetEpic...it seems a lot of people are referring to the
> ooriginal 2nd edition game rather than NetEpic...no offense guys. But we
> discusisng netEpic aren't we???
> Anyway, could anyone inform me of the major differences between 2nd ed.
> netEpic???
> Epic is dead
> Long live NetEpic ! ! !
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