[NetEpic ML] The Glory Days of SM/TL

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From: Brian Evans <Evans.Brian_at_...>
> I am most interested in Epic Space Marines/Titan Legions. I would very
> like NetEpic to be more like the former two.
> No spotters in ESM/TL.

These existed. In fact anyone could spot. Remember indirect fire?

> Normal infantry had no saves in ESM/TL, kept the game deadly.

Well, for the infantry.

> All titans of the same class were the same cost in ESM/TL. Titan weapons
> were not considered for cost in ESM/TL.

That was one of the biggest problems!

> One-Shot Missiles were limited by availability in ESM/TL.

No they weren't. Combine that with the above problem and you had people like
me abusing the rules by having every warlord with two barrage missiles or
(in some cases) two warp missiles and two barrage missiles AND anti-infantry

> No separate Flyer phase with all the flyer sub-phases in ESM/TL. Flyers
> were just another unit on the battlefield, they just had high movement
> rates.

Which led to some REALLY zany situations. Plus some units were just plain
overpowering since the boards were so small.

> You could only shoot at a charging unit if you had First Fire in ESM/TL.

AFAIK only vehicles get a special dispensation so they <gasp> can actually
use the otherwise worthless vehicle mounted bolters :)

> Titans could be hurt by infantry in ESM/TL. Take massive losses, but
> attacks could work.

Ugh. Don' get me started on this. Long gone are the days of suiciding titans
with Tactical Guardsmen (30 stands could usually knock down all the shields
if you were fairly lucky). They will never return, heck it was such a
problem even GW changed the rule.

Just be glad it's not like in AT where you did not have a PRAYER of hurting
titans with small arms (or even most vehicle weapons).

> Did have a separate psychic phase in ESM/TL.

They did? Wow it's been a long time, have to break out my books again. I
don't remember a psyker phase EVER being in any of the Epic games, even E40K
had no psyker phase.

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