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Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 00:05:00 -0800


All your points are good, of course.

The obvious solution, incease the shield multiplier from 2,
to a higher number. IE 18 or 24 shields for a warlord.

True, bigger weapons, would do more damage. But, thats the nature
of big weapons, more damage.

And yes, the Plasma Annihilator is a powerfull weapon, fully charged, it
would hit with an average of 3 shots, for 16 shields reduced. Hey, it's
a 2250pt Imperator for Pete's sake. It should do some hefty damage!

With the system we have now, 9 Devestators (on the average), will
completely reduce a Warlords shields to 0. Then the big boys open up
and finish the job.

At least, with my new superdooper shield system, bigger weapons would
have to be used to reduce shields. And it's SIMPLE.


Tzeentch wrote:
> From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
> > My take on shields.
> <snip>
> > Why not simply double the number of shields used now by titans and
> > pretorians, but make them reduce by the hitting weapon's saving throw
> > modifier.
> <snip>
> Good idea. And if all the weapons had 1 attack dice it would work fine. but
> as it stands you could really hose over Titans by hitting them with multiple
> attack dice (imagine how many Titans you could OBLITERATE in just ONE firing
> from a Plasma Annihilator using this rule!!
> Another example: Tempest Lasers! This would take out half the shields on a
> Warlord if it hit with both attack dice. And thats ONE Tempest.
> Ken
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