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From: Dan Lobb <danlobb_at_...>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 05:17:10 -0600

I agree with these ideas. Titan shields should be more difficult to take
down from small weapons, without being impervious to them.


At 10:01 PM 12/14/1999 , you wrote:
>It just dawned on me how to fix some of these titan survivability problems
>and make the system more 'realistic' at the same time, and its all thanks to
>fluff!!! I was just thinking back to a GW novel I read called 'Space Marine'
>when it hit me. For those of you who haven't read the book, give it a look
>its quite good (Author: Ian Watson).
>Anyway, there is a titan battle in it where it graphically describes how
>void shields work. Each shield converts energy or motion to heat, until it
>shuts down to cool off. Now what happens in the book is that the land
>raiders, space marines and the only good titan are firing at the traitor
>titans and it describes how long it takes to shut down a shield firing at it
>with puny weapons. However, when the good guy warlord fires its big guns
>they shut down a whole shield with one shot.
>Why not adapt the ablative armour system recently proposed, to void shields?
>Example, say each void shield has four or so void shield points, and each
>hit subtracts one from a weapon subtracts one point plus the inverse of its
>save modifier. When four (or however many points) are gone, a shield shuts
>down and can be repaired at end of turn like normal. If at end of turn a
>shield still has points left, you can add the number of points it has
>remaining to the repair dice roll to see if it gets them back. The really
>big advantage of this system is that smaller weapons now take multiple hits
>to knock down shields, while big weapons knock down one or possibly more
>void shields with one hit.
>This system would also allow us to keep our nice simple armour save/location
>system for the titan itself (though perhaps with a few changes) while still
>improving not only titan survivability but perhaps the 'realism' of the
>system as well. This will also dodge the problems raised about turning our
>titans into battletech since you can record the number of void shields on
>paper or on dice, without reference to location.
>Another proposal I would like to make is that weapons with no save mod, ie:
>small arms, should not be able to penetrate titan armour. They can knock
>down void shields in this system (slowly), but I find it hard to believe a
>lowly lasgun or heavy bolter can actually damage something that huge! Would
>you fire your lasgun at a titan?
>Also, I would like to cast my support for the morale check for infantry
>fighting titans. I recently read a bit of W40K III and found out that troops
>now have to pass a leadership test for tank shock. I think titans may be a
>little bit scarier than tanks. Hell, I'd run for the hills if I got attacked
>by a skyscraper mounting cannons!
>Well, that should make titans a little better!
>OK. That's it for now, I think I'll rant some more at a later time. Gimme
>some feedback if you can be bothered.
>Thanks guys.
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