[NetEpic ML] SPECIAL NOTE: NetEpic Revision

From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 20:05:22 -0800

I think it should be noted that the major changes planned in the revision
will be primarily for the NEXT version of NetEpic (ie 4.0 or Millenium or
whatever we call it). Some of the most popular will make it into 3.0 but
none of the core 3.0 mechanics will be changed witht he possible exception
of the flyer rules (and the old rules will still be available). In fact if
anything I plan on making 3.0 even more modular then it is now, with
specific changes to the rules to allow entire sections to be "plugged in"
without changing the entire game. In a way I'd like to steal the concepts of
the Fuzion RPG system with dials, switches, plug-ins etc to make it even
easier to modify to taste.

The biggest change in the 3.0 "codebase" will be a rewrite of the rules to
eliminate the many 'bugs' found in them and simplify it (ie move the several
unit variations to the optional units books). This will in essence be
NetEpic 3.5. Infantry will still work the same they always have in SM/TL/NE,
Titans will still have templates and their void shields will still work the

The revision WILL incorporate changes that have been agreed on. So you might
view this as a split like what happened between Adeptus Titanicus/Space
Marine and Space Marine 2nd Edition/Titan Legions. Heresy has already filled
the 'slot' that Epic40K made in the Epic line ;)

So don't worry, even if you can't STAND the new changes, version 3 of
NetEpic will still be around, but with all the bazillion errors and rules
problems fixed.

Just wanted to clear this up so noone gets the feeling we are ditching
NetEpic 3.0 or moving on without leaving as many paths open as possible.
Unlike GW we will continue to work on ALL the versions of the game all the
way back to Adeptus Titanicus (my future mission is to make a Adeptus
Titanicus 2nd Edition in fact). We also LOVE to see variations of Epic come
about (I'm VERY intrigued by the ASL Epic adaption!).

Don't like NetEpic? We still have the unmodifed Space Marine rules around.
Don't like eiher NetEpic or Space Marine 2nd Edition? Well I have almost all
of Adeptus Titanicus online :) Like E40K? Well we can't help you there, how
about Heresy?

Want something different? Well now we have ASL Epic and Heresy and even my
soon-to-be-rereleased Legionnaire. So have fun, play games!

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