[NetEpic ML] Re: SPECIAL NOTE: NetEpic Revision

From: Lorenzo Canapicchi <canapi_at_...>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 08:52:51 +0100

Tzeentch wrote:
> I think it should be noted that the major changes planned in the revision
> will be primarily for the NEXT version of NetEpic (ie 4.0 or Millenium or
> whatever we call it). Some of the most popular will make it into 3.0 but
> none of the core 3.0 mechanics will be changed witht he possible exception
> of the flyer rules (and the old rules will still be available). In fact if
> anything I plan on making 3.0 even more modular then it is now, with
> specific changes to the rules to allow entire sections to be "plugged in"
> without changing the entire game. In a way I'd like to steal the concepts of
> the Fuzion RPG system with dials, switches, plug-ins etc to make it even
> easier to modify to taste.


Two suggestions:

1) Use the poll system in e-groups for votes
2) make changes not after votes, but after votes+some playtesting

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