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From: Lorenzo Canapicchi <canapi_at_...>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 08:45:37 +0100

Kelvin wrote:

> Another point well brought up here is the point of Medics and what they can
> do. I personally am an advocate of the Medics NOT providing a 5+ "recovery
> save" after the unit is dead.

If you hit a stand give the medic "cure" (save) if failed the unit is
destroyed, who talked about "recovery save" after the unit is dead??
this happen After all saves AFAIK

> Instead, let them give infantry within their
> range a normal save that is modified as normal. Thus they CAN save
> infantry taken out by small arms and other light weapons, but hit them with
> a Defense Laser or Plasma Cannon and they are just smoking holes in the
> ground, Medic or not.

Yeah, and tell me who spends points and card slot for that crappy thing
> >I didn't see anyone stating out "every infantry stand of race XXX need
> >a save". And marines, under current NetEpic rules, DO have a save of 6+.
> Thank the gods they do. Makes them a little tougher (as they should be)
> and helps identify them as being better than other infantry.

IMHO they are better even without all those improvements
(And I'm a marine general)

Lorenzo Canapicchi
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