[NetEpic ML] Re: Revision Possibility: SCALING

From: <jyrki.saari_at_...>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 12:23:41 +0200

> But if that same Warhound fired on the infantry he would only
> roll a D6 to
> hit. And Titan weapons would have really high to-hit scores
> (they are built
> vs other Titans). Titan vs Titan everythings balanced because the high
> to-hits are balanced by the amount of dice they use. But
> against infantry
> that are damned hard to hit, it works against them.
> Weapons could be given specific scales a la Star Wars.
> Infantry etc etc. And
> that determines the scale they are built to fire at.

They should, to fine tune the above situation a bit. Inferno Cannon,
Lasblaster and Vulcan Megabolter, for example, have been designed to shred
infantry. Also, plasma weapons should be adjusted, I am sure the nice little
packet of plasma splashes nicely to cover one squad when it hits.

> For cover modifiers we simply adjust the scale up or down
> depending on the
> cover. IE a light vehicle in light cover could scale down to
> an infantry
> target for to-hit purposes.
> What do you all think? It would seem to cover about
> everything with minimum
> of hassle. Titans fight Titans, vehicles fight vehicles and
> infantry fight
> for their lives. Anyone could TECHNICALLY damage another
> scale, but it would
> be hard.

I like it. Should be playtested to see how it works.

> For "realism" this works. Imagine an M1A2 tank. The 120mm
> cannon is heavy
> vehicle scale. Its DAMN HARD to hit infantry with it or do
> much damage to a
> unit of them with it. The commanders machinegun is infantry

Yes IF you use APFSDS or something like it. But HE is a different matter.

> scale. It can
> chop up infantry but it sucks vs other vehicles and is
> ineffective against
> anything heavier then a light APC.
> All with one statline.

As I said, I like it.

Jyrki Saari
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