[NetEpic ML] thoughts

From: Wilding, Karl <kwildi_at_...>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 12:08:24 -0000

Why not just assume that the tank crew use frag shells or something rather
than hi-ex when targetting infantry? Lascannons could just be set to a
lowpower 'pulse' mode for targetting infantry too - it's one thing to dumb
the game down to Epic40k levels, but we CAN go too far the other way...

As for changes to titans:

For eldar holofields: rather than having a penalty to hit based on the move,
reduce the strength of the barrage from artillery based on the move. This
would realistically create the effect of the gunners having to scatter their
shots in order to hit the 'blur'.

As for biotitans I guess we could improve the chance of regeneration, the
number of wounds or the armour save, but they're pretty tough already.
However, I use biotitans far more regularly than I would use titans in other
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