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> > I forgot one thing from my previous post. I don't think infantry should
> > able to stop a tank from moving. How would they do that? Fasten a big
> > to its behind? :)
>The reason a tank doesn't go into the middle of an infantry squad is
>this would be suicide for the tank. If you race into an infantry squad
>will destroy your precious tank with Anti-Tank Mines, Bazookas, Sticky
>Mines, Panzerschreeks, PanzerFausts, Satchel Charges, Grenades dropped down
>a hatch, Thompson Sub-Machine Gun fired into a vision slit, etc. Heck,
>Japanese infantry used to stop U.S. tanks by jamming a crowbar into the
>tank's tracks, then setting the tank on fire with gasoline. Tanks and
>infantry do not mix when they both are not wearing the same colors.
>If an infantry squad is holding a piece of terrain, you need to remove them
>with shooting, artillery, or infantry attacks. Driving a tank right into
>their positions is a really bad idea. If a tank finds itself all alone and
>unsupported, it really must try to find a way go around the enemy infantry,
>not just barrel right through them.
>Only those tanks specifically designed to 'over-run' infantry should be
>allowed to do so. In Epic Space Marines, there were a couple of tanks that
>had this capability (the ones with be rollers on the front). Most tanks
>designed to contact enemy infantry from a distance (HE main gun shells and
>machine gun fire.

The ork death rollers are sick! A big noisy ork tank comes rumbling across
the battlfield, A group of eldar charlequins are advancing, they hearc the
big noisy, smoking ork machien, and still.....half will be overrun and
destroyed since it "hit" on4+????


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