[NetEpic ML] Re: Flyer rules random thoughts

From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 16:42:51 -0600


> Hi Peter!
> I haven't really played too much with flyers, except Thunderhawks,
> because I just don't have the models. I have plenty of Thunderhawks,
> but most of them don't make it into the battle, because I have a House
> Rule that limits them to one per company. I made that House Rule
> because I am unable to field fighter escorts, and my AA guns are of a
> very limited number. I use the flyer rules for the Thunderhawks, but
> the rules don't work very well. I miss the days when Thunderhaks were
> more like helicopters. I know, the model looks like a VTOL kind of jet.
> Even though, EVERTHING, used to be able to fire at you, I still miss the
> days of being able to use terrain to hide my Thunderhawks behind, as
> they snaked around the board.

I know the feeling and thats why I want something simpler, where if you dont
use flyers much the rules dont obligate you to have many flyers or none at
all. With only AA you can have an active airdefense and not worry about
buying flyers.

> Why would they need to make a morale check? Why not ANY edge?
game balance mostly, since flyers do have a range for flying in these rules,
accessing any edge is just like unlimited movement.

> What purpose does the morale roll serve?
If you wish to intercept an incoming transport or strafer you must pass a
morale check if not you basically remain at your baseline. Interception is
not automatic.

> AA guns can fire more than once? Can infantry, or armored units with
> bolters snap fire at passing flyers?
AA on first fire orders can fire once at each individual squadron that flies
in. I haven't decided if infantry can fire at them, perhpas yes with a -2
penalty, and vehicles may not since its over their arc of fire.

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