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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 20:05:30 -0600


> Hi again, Peter!
> I guess I can understand the morale checks to come in on any edge, but
> since some armies have a much better morale than others, would this be
> ballanced?

Some armies like marines should have greater flexibility because they are
better trained and are asept at lightning deploymentt and attacks. Armies
like orks and IG are not what you call innovative as far as tactics so they
take the tried and true appraoch starting at their table edge. Keep in mind
COST will reflect this even though marines and IG share the same craft the
marine ones cost more.

> Why is interception not automatic, isn't this part of the flyers normal
> job, as a pilot? Is this done for game ballance? Why?

Its mainly game balance. It prevents players hanging all their craft back
and accurately pick off strafers and transport as they come in with perfect
knowledge and execution. When its not automatic their is risk, will the
assigned craft do the job? will it take more than I alloted to prevent them
from penetrating my airspace? The rolling to intercept prevents a sure thing
and more thought to allocation of air resources. With automatic interception
its too easy and theres no risk for the intercepting player.

> Why can AA guns fire at more than one squadron? What would enable them
> to do this? Is this just for game ballance? Why?

The following has been proven by playtest with the current flyer rules, AA
guns are ineffective because they fire very little and are a very WEAK
deterent to air infiltration. Also their weakness obligates player to an air
force whether you want one or not since AA only will NOT prevent air attack
or even mildly deter it. This rule (playtested within the alternate rules in
Incoming!) is very effective, it lets AA have the teeth it lacked. Note this
does not make them wonder weapons. Out of a whole volley one down aircraft
is common, but more than that is still rare. Also it obligates the player to
take them out before regular bombers can take regular missions (just like in
real life). More importantly if air power is not your thing you can play an
effective game with hopes of winning with just AA cover. In the present
rules with single fire AA you WILL lose if you play against someone with an

> Thanks, your doing a Great service for all of us,

Our pleasure and thank you for the input!

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