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From: stefano andreoni <ltremari_at_...>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 15:01:55 +0100

Hi Peter,

> Some armies like marines should have greater flexibility because they are
> better trained and are asept at lightning deploymentt and attacks. Armies
> like orks and IG are not what you call innovative as far as tactics so
> take the tried and true appraoch starting at their table edge. Keep in
> COST will reflect this even though marines and IG share the same craft the
> marine ones cost more.

I don't see a real cost difference between the same aircraft for marines and
IG and in any case when you speak about this at what system are you
thinking, the incoming one or the core rule one? This is very important
because with the new air rules from incoming the stats for each aircraft are
changed and also the cost, if for example, before a thunderhawk carried a
detachment at the cost of 100 pts, now the same craft cost 250 for two and
each carry 3 stands; the same think occured for the firelord bomber, before
was an awesone craft, now is the shadow of it. Also the AA guns improved and
the concept of multi target fire exist and this proved to be very effective
against aircraft.
I also think that if a morale check must be done to intercept we have to
change the cost for some aircraft, in particular for those armies with lower
morale and also introduce the aircraft for tyranids and squats.

In any case can you sand me back your rules so I can test them in may next

Stefano Andreoni
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