[NetEpic ML] Capital Imperialis variant model

From: Dan Lobb <danlobb_at_...>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 20:45:22 -0600

The Capital Imperialis Mobile Fortress went out of production at the
beginning of this decade, so I have kept my eye out for toys that could be
substituted. I think I have found a reasonable approximation. I stumbled
across the LOST IN SPACE "Chariot" put out by the Johnny Lightning Die-cast
car group of Playing Mantis, Inc. The blister pack is item #433-00, the
telephone # is (US) 1-800-MANTIS-8, and there is a website;

I purchased mine in a retail chain called BIG LOTS, which sells overstocked
items. This could mean the item is discontinued, but I am not sure. The
vehicle has a 1998 date on it so there may be some floating around in
stores if it is OOP. I know there are about a dozen of these at the store I
purchased mine. The price was $1.49 each. I could gather up some of these
if anyone wanted them.

The vehicle has a clear plastic cabin seated on a tracked chassis. There
are four wheels on the undercarriage, but they can be removed. There is a
screw holding the chassis to the cabin which allows access to the axles of
the wheels. The model has some communications dishes on top in the front
and back, and a small dome just fore of the center. A vindicator cannon
plate could fit on the sloped windshield giving a semblance of the behemoth
gun carried by the Cap. Imp. I am not sure what to use for the side mounted
Heavy bolter turrets yet. With some paint to cover the transparent cabin, I
think this will make a fine variant model.

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