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From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 18:53:01 -0800

Hello Damian!

I agree, Mr. Evans has posted many good comments! I would be interested
in reading any ideas on tactics, for any army. Most of my opponents are
new to the game, and just beginning to be a challange. I would like to
learn whatever I can, from more veteran Epic gammers. I would also like
for my opponents to learn from any posts so that our games will be of
"Epic Quality". ;)

One trouble I have, is using Terminators effectively. Mine seem to get
mowed down, way too often, before they can get them into close combat.
Any ideas?

Also, what is your secret for success when dealing with Ork super
heavies, when playing Marines?

What kind of force selection would you take for a 4000pt battle?
How about a 6000pt battle?

Hey thanks,

Damian Miller wrote:
     Hi Gamers,
         Kudos to Mr. Evans,
                 you have hit on the crux of a lot problems with this
game, Tactics, anybody can field a bunch of super troopers and win
against some of the usual armies, but a true tactitian can win with
limited resources. In most games i play marines with little or no titan
support and win against titans and heavy tanks with lowly land raiders,
and troppies. Please make more dissertations on this subject and if
anyone wants tactics ideas for marines, squats, and orks, drop me a
line. no guts, no green stamps
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