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From: Thomas Lawson <kurmark_at_...>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 10:53:45 -0600

> The other rule to consider here is "Pinning". Tanks can always pin
> infantry, preventing them from moving. But infantry are never able to
> pin tanks. The only way infantry can attack tanks in Close Combat is to
> move after the tanks and then engage the tanks in Close Combat.
> Otherwise the tanks will not be pinned and can just pass on by the
> attacking infantry.
> This is because of the phased movement. When a tank is engaged in Close
> Combat, by infantry:
> A) It is because the tank chose not to move.
> B) The tank initiated the Close Combat (Pinning the infantry).
> C) The tank was ambushed by the later moving infantry.
> Infantry in the "Real World", ambush tanks quite often. Tanks are
> notorious for having poor visability. Especially when infantry are
> around, and the tanks have "Buttoned Up", due to bullets (or worse)
> being fired near the tank.

Ok, then how about making "Trample" attacks available to all units? If
infantry move into contact with a tank that has not moved yet they may make
an immediate Close Combat attack but at reduced effectiveness in some way.
This can represent them making a hasty, less efficient attack on the tank
that is moving.

> Try imagining driving your car down the street, with only a vision slit.
> Not so easy to just "hit the gas". Then imagine someone trying to fire
> a machine gun through your only source of vision. Are you going to put
> your head up to look out the slit? Only if you are very brave, and very
> desperate. Talk about driving blind! :)

They do have thick sheets of bullet proof glass over the vision slit. It
would take a heavy machine gun to penetrate it as far as I understand.
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