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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 14:35:39 +0100

Hi Kelvin,
 I apologize for the mistake,

> Actually, its Kelvin.
> In TL, the Lord of Battles' weapons appeared as part of the main weapons
> list for Titans. This effectively meant that you could put Lord of
> weapons on Chaos Titans. Now the Lord of Battle Gatling Cannon is better
> then the standard Titan one. Our local Chaos player worked this out. He
> convered a Chaos Khorne Titan to mount two L.O.B. gatling cannons, a Fire
> Con tower and a Warp Missile. Nasty Titan it was. We fixed that kind of
> bug by making Titans pay for their weapons fit. Now we have this bug of
> non-fixed vs fixed weapon Titans in our rules. It should be fixed too.

Actually reading the chaos list is really difficult to understand that the
two titans (banelord & lord of battle) have fixed armaments, infact reading
the titans description you read: pag.15 lord of battle: it follow the
purchasing rules for titan weaponery except that the hull firethrowers and
the head cannon...
Banelord also pag.15: the abomination can be fitted with tail weapons in
addition to the normal 4 weapons mounts....also for it you find its card
hollow, while for fixed configuration titans this is compiled, so I suppose
the exact contrary. I suspect that when the net epic chaos list was
done you decided to grant the modularity weapons purchease for them, else I
can't understand these "bugs"; for me a bug can be a to hit number changed
(i.e. hellhounds to hit that in the description is 4+, while in the table is
5+), but not in this case.

> Firstly, you cannot arm Reavers with Plasma Cannons I believe. The only
> Plasma weapon they can carry is the Plasma Blastgun.

They can because in the summary table this weapon can be fitted in the
warlord and also on reavers, see the code WR.

> I've played with them and had them turn into rampaging monsters. I've
> played with them and had them go splat before the end of the First Fire
> phase. This is why I have been campaigning for a change to the
> survivability of Titans. Warlords are too squishy. I DON'T want them to
> turn into GW uber-models, I just want them to have the reputation for
> massive land battleships like they should.

I agree with you concerning "uber.models", but I can't immagine that the
mainstay of imperial/chaos titans is so weak, at least for its cost,
specially when the rever class is so good.

> > The miniature is very nice but only for collection pourpose!
> Nah. I use it all the time. I just don't use it as a Banelord. Its
> merely a cool-looking Khorne Warlord Titan to me.


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