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Hi Stefano,

>Hi Kelvin,
> I apologize for the mistake,

Hey look, no worries. I get it all the time. I just like to let people
know before I become a Kevin instead of a Kelvin ;-).

>Actually reading the chaos list is really difficult to understand that the
>two titans (banelord & lord of battle) have fixed armaments, infact reading
>the titans description you read: pag.15 lord of battle: it follow the
>purchasing rules for titan weaponery except that the hull firethrowers and
>the head cannon...
>Banelord also pag.15: the abomination can be fitted with tail weapons in
>addition to the normal 4 weapons mounts....also for it you find its card
>hollow, while for fixed configuration titans this is compiled, so I suppose
>the exact contrary. I suspect that when the net epic chaos list was
>done you decided to grant the modularity weapons purchease for them, else I
>can't understand these "bugs"; for me a bug can be a to hit number changed
>(i.e. hellhounds to hit that in the description is 4+, while in the table is
>5+), but not in this case.

This I can understand. There are times in NetEpic where the rules get
fuzzy. We old :-) veterans made some assumptions with the rules as WE knew
what we meant. We should clear this up with the current revision.

>> Firstly, you cannot arm Reavers with Plasma Cannons I believe. The only
>> Plasma weapon they can carry is the Plasma Blastgun.
>They can because in the summary table this weapon can be fitted in the
>warlord and also on reavers, see the code WR.

Really? I'll have to look that up. Musta been something we changed last
time round...

>I agree with you concerning "uber.models", but I can't immagine that the
>mainstay of imperial/chaos titans is so weak, at least for its cost,
>specially when the rever class is so good.

I agree. I don't mind people being able to shoot at the crotch reactor
from the front, but its a real pain that its so weak there.


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