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Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 19:35:01 -0600

> Hi you, whoever you might be who offered marine tactics... I am very >
interested in marine tactics. IG as well for that matter

    Hello marine players, and anybody playing against them,

    Let me begin with some basic ideas for troop types, first if you can
field them Land Raider companies, 9 tanks/18 5+ to hit -1 saves, plus a
command unit. the best use for them is long to medium range
anti-tank/anti-titan combat, also make great first fire units. cost in Tl
600 points. saves are good enough to hold off must tanks and infantry.
also, with terminators you can use them soften up the target before the
charge, try to position your self 70% of a charge move away from your
opponent , then you can move into contact and unload your troopies.
Terminators should be used to scare the snot out of your opponents infantry/
or cause them to break.
    Space marine infantry is hard to use by itself, and so i usually buy a
company or two of them so as to minimize the loses to any one company. Also
be sure to buy the support cards to go with them. you will give up some
points when they get broken but if they shoot at company detachments then
they are not shooting your support cards or vice-versa.
    for a 4000 pt army, i would go with 2 battle companies, 1 land raider
company, (1500 pts so far), 2 leviathans (700 pts), and one reaver or
warlord, the levithans are relatively cheap targets as is in my opinion also
the warlord, then take an assortment of bikes/flyers( i call these terror
units, as they almost always cuase your opponent to fear for his star
troopies), also if you can take some whirlwinds to mess with his
        terminators, ooh...ahhh, yeah there just big infantry with spiffy
transports. as with any force, your gonna lose units, just make sure to
lose a few at a time. make your opponent waste shots a things he has no
real chance of hitting or cant kill enough to break.
        marine artillery is really weak, it is, the only real way to
supplement your force is to take units that are expendable, glory to the
emperor, and learn to live with it( corollary, learn to play chess with the
queen as your most expendable unit) then you dont fell so bad when your
warlord goes down( he probably took 2 companies worth of fire for you,
losses are inevitable, you got to keep playing. and remember its only a
game(yes, heresy, i know).
        another tactic for marines is to use the "all companies" approach
and hold in reserve 1 detachment, there by making the company harder to
i upgess, using squats always take companies, iron breakers have to have 2+
dets destroyed to break, and the leviathan is just a stand, let it take some
    i digress, the key to marine victory is getting your opponent to fixate
on the infantry and the sopposed easy kills, be prepared to be charged on
turn one, use the rhinos as free kills and extra dice in CC.
    sorry if this has rambled a bit but im giving off the top of my head
without the books and charts to back up the info, so if ive misspoke please
be kind, i can do a more in depth paper on it if anyone would like.
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