[NetEpic ML] Re: impi guard tactics

From: Damian Miller <damianmiller_at_...>
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 19:45:52 -0600

> Hi you, whoever you might be who offered marine tactics... I am very >
interested in marine tactics. IG as well for that matter

    Ahhh the gaurd,
        the imperial guard is good at 2 things, artillery and monster
tanks, their artillery is second only to the squats and their tanks rule!
        buy many companies of each plus some lose it infantry. also take as
many commissars as you can get, command rules suck, but thats what is.
        when deploying look for clear lanes of fire and put them some where
else. use your lighter troops to spot and screen your arty.
        let the tanks do their stuff. get them out there and mow stuff
down. if you can id screen the tanks with leman russes or predators.
        beware of bikers as they will mess up your formations(hence the need
for commissars and other command units).
        your weakest point is your command rule, youll have almost move
radially with the command units to spread out.
        and never ever fight against a force of mixed races. you will get
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