[NetEpic ML] tactics, or why did your titan force just get tanked>

From: Damian Miller <damianmiller_at_...>
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 21:13:51 -0600

    epic 40k, what a glorious game,

        infantry tactics, hide and swarm, use cover to get close but not
too to your opponent, charge when you can get him off guard, deploy and
stand fast when you cant, but never get caught in your rhinos. when you
egress from your vehicles spread out to your maximum spacing, dont give the
barrage templates any help, they wont need it.
        infantry versus heavies and titans, if you charge remember to use
the rhinos, let them take the first few hits, then use the troop stand to
finish it off, usually the cost of the det is less than the cost of the
target. try to spend your troops economically. no matter what you do you
will take losses. odds are normally in your favor, 3 to 1 in a infantry
vs. tank , 9 to 1 vs. titans
and you will have survivors, normally. against titans dont let the size
scare you.
        note, these ideas all assume that there is terrain to move behind
and around. if not hten you will have to improvise. also i would never
try to go after any armies command stands specifically, just chew up the
troops there with. another thing that can be dicey is using your infantry
to hold objectives. if in first fire mode they can with stand other
infantry, but no tanks.
tanks will charge or fire a range to dislodge infantry, dont letem, go
gettem. when in doubt charge, this will move the fight away from the
objective and may stall your adversary long e
enough to get reinforcements.
        use heavy troops to ping tanks at range, and to drop shields or
power fields, once the onions start to get peeled, guys get nervous.
always mess with their heads.
        assualt troops are not a very good investment generally, short
range, +2 caf, good news bad news. but if you get in close they can be
devastating. but not generally. also im aganist infantry saves for troops
that dont already have them. i think it would alter the face of the game
in ways you havent even imagined yet. but thats me. having played this
game through all 4 incarnations i have seen good and bad come from fiddling.
im all for fiddling but it needs enhance the whole game, not just one aspect
of it. but i digress.
    and stay away from buildings if there are anti-terrain weapons on the
board. buildings are great cover, until it falls on your head. use high
ground when you can, wont really help but will drive your opponent crazy.
        bikes, god lov'em, their cheap and fast, try to heard your
enemies by where you place them, and use them to screen your artillery.
squat bikes are the lords of all they encounter,
if you hide one detachement. you cant break'em if you can't find'em.
          speeders, same as bikes, but ususally draw more fire, go
        i hope these little hints will help you enjoy the game more.

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