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I actually collected a substancial army of slann and helped Teras Cassidy made the army lists. Heres some pointers.

Necron infantry is very powerful, they are the match of most close combat troops. Although they are just five stands a whole company can really deal out damage, plus there weapons aren't too shabby.

Mechs, the army has the most powerful knights in the game, a handful of them can really hold a flank on their own.

For armor Nemesis tanks are reasonably priced and have a powerful main gun for knocking out armor.

You need cannon fodder and the saurians are it, they are cheap and you can get heavy weapons to boot, these should form the bulk of the army and protect your more powerful assets.

For transports protectors are a great choice and have support fire.

Their AA gun and artillery is very strong and can paralyze a good amount of enemy troops and fliers.

As for Titans they have two Imperator class beasts VERY tough.

I'll write some more soon!
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  net epic has an army list for the slann/necrons

  does anyone have any advise about how to play this army
  i would like to give it a try



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