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> but where is written that a flyer must do
> only a one pass attack and leave

I believe that if you look at the Flyer rules presented in INCOMING, you
will find that after placing your fliers on the fliers chart, resolving
dogfights, any fliers that did not participate in a dogfight may be placed
on the gaming table - simulating a ground attack, the fliers then received
Anti-Aircraft fire, surviving ground attackers are then allowed to shoot at
ground targets, then the ground attackers are removed from the table and
issued orders in the next phase.

I would prefer a set of rules that keep as many models on the tabletop as
possible. Let the fliers operate in a similar manner to normal units except
the fliers have more movement. I liked the flier rules from Epic Space
Marines / Titan Legions.

Brian A. Evans
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