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> Ok, then how about making "Trample" attacks available to all units? If
> infantry move into contact with a tank that has not moved yet they may
> an immediate Close Combat attack but at reduced effectiveness in some way.
> This can represent them making a hasty, less efficient attack on the tank
> that is moving.

1. I think that infantry units should be rewarded for getting into close
combat with a tank. My chaos trolls only have a movement rate of 20cm when
they charge. It will take 3 or 4 turns of charging to reach the enemies'
deployment zone. The whole time I am charging across the battlefield I will
be vulnerable to enemy fire. The few models that survive, should have a
chance of destroying the enemy in H2H.

2. Where is the advantage to moving first if the enemy tanks can just pull
back and shoot you? If you left your tanks too close to the trolls, you
should have moved the tanks last turn. It is imperative that you look two
or three turns ahead in the game and recognize these situations early enough
to avoid them.

3. If the infantry physically touched the tank, we know that 'sometime'
during the turn both units were close enough to be in close combat. How are
we going to simulate a turn of close combat if the tanks move away? In Epic
Space Marines they simulated this by not allowing the tanks or infantry to
move out of close combat until one side was destroyed. An alternative would
be to allow tanks to move out of close combat, but the round of close combat
would be fought immediately(in the movement phase) to see if the tank
survives being assaulted. The
infantry should still get their attacks in on the tank since we know that
the infantry were close enough to use their close combat attacks. I think I
would go the other way around on this, Tom. If the tank wants to gain the
advantage of movement this turn and move away from the infantry, the tank
should have its CAF penalized.

I am not sure how we can get around the fact that the two units did in fact
physically touch each other during the movement phase. Normally this is
considered close combat (short ranged shooting and hand to hand). If the
infantry get close enough to the tanks to use their anti-tank weapons, how
can the tanks move away and not still be subject to these attacks?

Brian A. Evans
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