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From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 00:47:20 -0800

I wrote some of this, a little while back. But I think it would be a
better system for classing units for PINNING. Mostly based on size and
skimmers, as are the current rules, but also considering armor values.


How about this?

Infantry should have no problem pinning soft vehicles/infantry like
Buggies, bikes, Rough Riders, light artillery, Wartraks, Sentinels (the
driver is exposed), Marines, Nobz, Warwalkers, Trolls, Pink Horrors,
Genestealers, Ogryns, Termagants, Close Assault Terminators etc...
(Units with a saving throw of 6 or less, or no ranged attack).
Regular Terminators (desribed as having tank armor), and other infantry
type units, like Dreadnoughts, Darkreapers, Exarchs, Zoats, should be
included in the armored vehicles section, as these units are too tough
for even tanks to move past. (Units with armor saving throws of 5+, and
a ranged attack). This would also help to make these units Great again.

Please don't get me wrong, I think infantry are GREAT tank busters when
they can ambush vehicles, or when tanks engage them. I just don't think
they should be able to pin a tank, or a terminator.
1. Titans/Praetorians.
2. Super Heavy Vehicles/Knights
3. Heavy armored units. (Armor save of 5+ and ranged attack)
4. Unarmored or lightly armored units/no ranged attack.
5. Skimmers: A) Super Heavy.
             B) Heavy Armor.
             C) Light Armor.

Some Examples:

1) A Lightly Armored Skimmer (like an Elder Jetbike), could not PIN a
Heavy Armored Unit (like a Leman Russ Tank). Nor would the Leman Russ
Tank be able to PIN an Eldar Jet Bike, because the bike is a Skimmer.

2) A Heavily Armored Unit that is a Skimmer, such as a Falcon Grav-Tank,
could PIN any other Heavily Arrmored Unit, like a Leman Russ Tank. The
Leman Russ is unable to PIN the Falcon Grav-Tank, because it is a

3) A Basilisk is attacked by Assualt Marines. It is not PINNED, if it
still has orders to move, it can move away. If it has orders to First
Fire, or has already moved, it may be engaged by the Assault Marines in
Close Combat.

Note: Using the above changes would NOT affect the classic Marine
combined arms approach to pinning.

1) Rhino pins enemy tank.
2) Infantry attack tank.
3) Rhino is destroyed.
4) Enemy tank is destroyed.
5) Infantry survive.

Lightly armored units can still engage the Heavies, without Heavy
Armored help, by moving second, (the ambush). With the Phased Movement
system this is not a big problem, usually.

I know that this would have a big affect on Chaos units like Trolls and
Minataurs etc.. but I really can't see how these units could even
possibly pin a heavily armored unit. I CAN see them ambushing one, and
beating the HELL out of it, however.

I hope this also helps to address the Cavalry question, as well as
others. I've read in other game systems, that mounted units like Rough
Riders and Boar Boyz, are just considered fast infantry. These units
can enter woods at full speed, unlike bikes (Advance Orders only), which
don't have a semi-intelligent animal to pick where to place each foot.
Eldar Jet bikes could choose to Charge over the woods, or Advance
through them.

Dreadnoughts and Robots, should be able to move through woods, as normal
infantry (Able to Charge and Advance). They move fairly slow, and have
sensors built into thier limbs. Small Robots should be able to enter

War Walkers and Sentinals seem more like bikes in woods, but infantry in
difficult terrain (Because of increased visability out of woods, and
legs). IE: Advance movement for woods, any movement for difficult.

Let me know what you think!

                            Warprat ;)
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