[NetEpic ML] Re: Pinning-the straw that broke the camel's back.

From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 23:57:47 -0800

Hey Peter,

Can't say that I agree with you here. Sorry, but I think pinning is very
realistic. I LIKE pinning! I could easily live with the current rules.
Of course, I think they could be improved somewhat.

I think that people tend to confuse Close Combat and Pinning.

Pinning represents a situation where a unit is forced to confront an
equal or superior enemy that is posing an immediate danger to it. It
must confront the danger or perish.

Close Combat is initiated when a unit moves within 1cm of an enemy unit.
This would usually involve pinning, but it dosn't have to. Close Combat
is hand to hand fighting, shotguns, knives, grenades, titan fists, etc.
Against a weak enemy, close combat poses little danger to a stonger
unit, (Unlike pinning). Of course if the little guys gang up, there
could be trouble.

How is any of this artificial or counter intuitive?

I can understand your fustration, however. Good rules don't have
loopholes. We need to fix them if they are broken, or better explain
them, if the rules are reasonable. This is where NetEpic really shines,
and what makes this diverse group something to be really proud of.

My personal feeling is that the Close Combat rules are one of the things
that make Epic really fun to play and pinning plays a part in them. I'm
not in favor or overruns or fighting a round of immediate close combat.
Not because I think they are horrible ideas, quite the opposite, in many
more detailed games and/or computer games, they work quite well. Epic
is fun to play because you get to use a LOT of units. Simplicity is
very important when attempting to use the human brain, especially mine!

I hope that my previous posts have not given the impression that Pinning
and Close Combat are issues that are horribly broken and need to be
eliminated. Yes, they could be tweaked a little, explained a bit
better, but I would hate to loose the FUN that Pinning and Close Combat
brings to the game.

And of course any solution that I propose, HAS to be the BEST!! ;)


Peter Ramos wrote:
> Hi!
> One thing has ALWAYS bothered mme about the epic rules and thats
> pinning. This is probably one of the more obvious broken rules in
> epic. It causes arguments and it simply counter intuitive, plus it has
> loopholes that are easily abused.
> Unfortunately it isn't easily fixed. Close combat has its own phase
> after movement so immediate resolution isnt an option. pinnig classes
> are so horribly artificial. an there are always some exception that
> doesn't fit into a generalization.
> So what to do?
> No easy solution, heres some thoughts:
> Eliminate it alltogether. Simply state that all unit MUST engage in
> one round of close combat before they can leave their next movement.
> You might add that this doesn't apply to titans or preatorians. If
> thats too drastic we'd need simpler categories:
> Infantry and cavalry (includes jetbikes and such)
> Armored vehicles
> Knights and super heavies
> Titans and preatorians
> Each larger class pins lower classes and the tank pinned or not issue
> is settled.
> Comments please!
> Peter
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