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Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2000 09:08:23 +1100

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>I recently joined netepic and decided to listen to you professionals
>elementary thoughts about 40th century politics. not familar with netepic
>advanced rules I have a single question about the ork command rule. In SM/TL
>was only mentioned, that nobz had to remain in 10cm of the boyz in order to
>them do what you want them to. Now can it be that I played ork forces wrong
>4 years( not that I used them this often)? I always thought boys and nobz
>two bulks, not similar to dedatchments of other races, and thus very limited
>their deployment. This meant that nobz never mixed with boys to an extent,
>the block of nobz was split up in small numbers. Is it really possible,
that I
>can make nobz independent units like in the example given? Don�t they have to
>become a part of the big nob-mob, once I buy them for support? If nobz won�t
>have to stay in 10 cm formation with their own kind, there would be no point
>call an ork force lame anymore.

<Sigh>. Ork Nobz are like any other formation. They must remain within
6cm (NOT 10cm) of at least one other stand from the same formation. In
addition to this formation restriction, non-Command Ork units must remain
within 10cm of an Ork Command stand to be able to receive orders or they
often do silly stuff. Yes, the problem with Orks IS their Command
structure (like the Imperial Guard). I'm not sure its if clear in the
NetEpic rules, but Ork players should look very closely at the nature of
the cards they buy and whether or not they join the main formation of the
Klan they are bought under (like extra Boyz stands or Battlewagonz) or if
they become a seperate detachment (like Speedstas, Shokk Attak Gunz and
most of the Tanks).

To address the problems you have with Speedstaz, simply buy an extra card
of Nobz Warbikez for them. I love Nobz Warbikez. They are the best. I'll
often use a card of them to command a Speedsta group.


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