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Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2000 08:58:56 +1100

> todayz topik for discuzzin' is what ta use ta stomps the stuffins' outs
>of just 'bout ev'rbodi(translater kicks in). ok, first things first
> always make your formations as big as possible, greater break points/ more

Great Advice.

> then make independent formations out of the company card by buying
>extra nobs to lead each subgroup. example, buy a blood axe company
>ard( my favorite), then buy 3 landraider dets, and one extra nobz card and a
>stomper det( if you dont have stompas use more rhinos or predators), now
>assign one stand of nobz to each of the purchased detachments. the nobz
>dissappear from play, but each of these is now an independent det that is
>part of the company card. and can be deployed as a shock unit or as a
>surprise for your friend across the table. on average the bp of the mob
>goes up by 10, and the fire power goes up as well.

How do you work this? When you buy a card of Nobs (or the Nobs that are
part of the Klan) they are a DETACHMENT! This means they must stay within
6cm of each other at all times! You CANNOT seperate them! Now I know its
true of extra Boyz cards, but I'm not sure if extra Nobz become part of the
bigger Nobz formation of the Klan. They may or may not, but the issue here
is that you can't break up the stands within a formation to place them
wherever you please. You buy a Card of 4 Nobz, they must stay within 6cm
of each other. Pure and simple.

Nice tactic. Purely illegal.

>if you use stompas, they can escort your infantry, but its real slow.
> second, get as much wierd stuff as possible, ie, pulsa rokkits, shock
>attack guns, wierd boy towers, etc. this will sow an amazing amout of
>fear in your opponent. all of this stuff can be used against anything, i
>mean anything, there is nothing as satisfying as killing a titan with a
>shock attack gun. yes your opponent will scream dumb luck, but his titan
>is still dead and there is not a thing he can do about it.

I don't bother with Shokks against Titans (use your Traktor Kannons for
that). They are better for heavy tanks and Superheavies. Plus they can
sow HUGE amounts of trouble when fired into large formations of Devastator
infantry. They become engaged in Close Combat and so can't fire. Great fun.

> third, gargants, i can take em or leave em. but for the new guys
>they might enjoy to mighty crashes and thuds they envision. great gargants
>are ok, but remember the mega-gargant is a company card. treat it as
>such(see first examples)

Great Gargants aren't O.K., they're Great (pun intended)! They are simply
the toughest, coolest Titans in the game. I ALWAYS take at least one, but
usually three. Mega-Gargants suck. Sure they're a company card, but I can
get two Klans for the price of one Mega-Gargant. Better value.

> fourth bikes and speedstas, buy em, buy alot, they die like dogs but can
>be a lot of fun, and are fairly destructive if you can make a successful

Good advice. The light, fast vehicles of the Orks are a major strength.

> and always remember, if we win we win, if we lose we be back.

If an Ork army draws first blood, its a win no matter what the real outcome!


         "Of course I'm paranoid!
       Everyone's trying to kill me."
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