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From: Kelvin <kx.henderson_at_...>
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 11:31:01 +1100

Warprat wrote:

>I would rather have more flickering Gargant shields, then the Imperial
>shields in use now, and that's sad, very sad.

No its not. Ev'rywun knows Orkz builds 'em betta! ;-)

>I played a game not too long ago, where a Warlord was lucky enough to
>actually make quite a few repair rolls, as well as shield regeneration
>rolls. Even though I was the Ork player, I couldn't help rooting for
>my opponent to make yet another repair roll, once again. I shot that
>Warlord, over and over. Finally I killed it, after three Gargants
>concentrated on it for a second turn. But it was great to see that
>heroic Warlord take the punishment, and somehow come back to life,
>battered, limping, but hanging on. I would like to see this become the
>norm for Imperial type titans.

I agree here. It IS really great to see a Titan take a pounding turn after
turn and still get up. Like the hero in many a Fantasy novel or
"Check-your-brain-at-the-door" movie.

For this sort of effect I can see that the improved repair roll would be a
real bonus. I can cope with this improvement for Imperial and Eldar Titans
with the addition of at least making the Warlord's front Reactor Location a
1+ armour save (to make it immune to infantry basic weapons).

>It's true that increasing the armor and shields would make the titan
>harder to damage. This is not a bad idea. But nothing was better than
>seeing that titan recover time after time.

Sure. I agree here. I think either this increased repair ability (plus
the single change to the Warlord's Template) or the better shields/revised
template saves is the way to go. It only requires a small change in either
case, but the repair change requires no additional rules, just a change to
the current ones.


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