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Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2000 13:57:38 GMT

>The main reason is that ALL this information will be on the army cards.
>Until those come out the formula is something simple. For every 10 points
>fraction thereof is equal to 1 victory points. 10 points = 1VP.

Cool! This seems very reasonable

>Reread the psyker rules. I droped the power stat, now its all mastery level
>that matters.

My mistake :-)

>Theres no difference between the two, but its a typo, see a trend?

Hmmm, copy/paste is beginning to sound like a Slaaneshi curse than a
function in a word processing program

> > Wouldn't super heavy tanks be better off with a DR of 3?? 2 hits can
> > be scored by a single land raider.
>Pondered on this for bit, not sure lets playtest first, but I'm inclined
>agree with you.
> >

I will playtest this weekend and hopefully have some things to say on it

> > DROP DETACHMENT CARDS! Just list the break points and victory point
> > next to the point cost in the army list. This is MUCH more convenient
> > saves people from printing so much. And people will be referring to the
> > lists for unit stats anyway.
><sigh> but they are so kewl! Alas I hear the truth in your words.

Yes, but the main reason they were kewl was that in the old days you got
those nice hard cards, but printer paper and durability do NOT go hand in
hand....sorry mate :)

> > Giving traitor marines bolters are fine, but make a kind of heavy troops
> > (Assault penalty but heavy weapons (Havocs). Alternatively make the
> > shots all-purpose (Representing plasmas and shortranged chaos weapons)
><grin> soul of a traitor huh, alright I can't deny you that joy.

*grins evilly and takes aim at the nearest rhino*

> > The infiltrate and jump packs skills are placed oddly in the
> > skill list
>Forgetting my ABC's, crap I'm getting old. Will change.

What?? 147 years is no age.... :)

>Re-read the amount of units in a typical armored detachament versus the
>amount of infantry in a typical detachment at 50% infantry will ALWAYS
>supress the armored unit since there 50% is more than the 3 vehicles in a

Yeah, you are right. I most respectfully withdraw my critic

> > I still aren't too keen on stealth. A whole unit losing their shots? And
> > marines are as likely to lose 'em as gretchin?
> > But with the importance of commanders it might be okay. However, what
> > happens if a unit only fires part of its shots at a unit with stealth? I
> > presume that only the units firing on stealthed troops lose their shots
> > the check is failed.
>Correct, will clarify, it has to be stringent otherwise its a free for all
>shooting at commanders.

Yeah, but the thing that REALLY bothers me is that eldar dark reapers are as
likely to miss their shots as gretchin....

>No, just because its attached to a demon it doesn't lose its affiliation,
>they are listed as traitor they remain so and apply to the restriction.
>greater demons have flexibility to take what they please but it doesnt
>superceed the restrictions.

Ohh, I just misunderstood. To be clear: If I get myself a traitor champion
then only the traitor units I buy for him will count as traitors, cultists
under him are not....stupid me!

>They do, it is the same as their armor pericing bonus it is stated in the

I missed it then...:)

> > There are no detail for how to add titans to an army. Is this something
> > have not yet done or was it left out as a mistake?
>Have not decided on yet. Suggestions? I thought perhaps one per highest
>level of command.

Yeah. This is about right. Or give them their own organisation.

I see that the techguard is out.....I owuld like to see some adeptus
mechanicus troops but more like cyborgs and servitor stuff.

Any interest?

>Thanks a bunch for the suggestions and clarifications.

You're welcome, always interested in making the game better


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Long live NetEpic / Heresy ! ! !

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