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Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2000 15:32:17 -0800

From: Karlsen Rune <Rune.Karlsen_at_...>
> I was wondering if you could clarify the rules regarding the Astropath.
> 1) Is the Astropath able to stop all psychic powers, including physical?
> reason i ask, is that the examples listed are all non-physical psychers.

Yes, as stated it says "whenever a psychic power is used within 75cm". We
can take that to literally mean any psychic attack.

> 2) Is he also able to stop all psychic powers which enter his 75cm radius,
> or do the powers used have
> to originate from within said radius? In other words, if you're more
> 75cm from the Astropath, your
> psychic powers are unstoppable by him?

If the effects begin or are targeted within 75cm of the astropath.

> I'd be grateful for any help you could give me on this matter.

This is given the current wording. I'll be forwarding this to the NetEpic
list to see if they have anything to say.

Hope this helps!


--------------SOURCE INFORMATION-------------------
The blind psychic seers ubiquitous on Imperial worlds and in Imperial
service, Astropaths can occasionally be found serving in a direct battle
capacity for the Imperial Army.

The Astropath has three psychic powers, though only one may be used per

Beacon: The Astropath becomes a flaring psychic beacon. For the rest of the
turn, any Greater Daemons, Psykers, or Eldar Robots/Dreadnoughts within
100cm may only fire at, or target
psychic/magic powers at the Astropath (they may violate the normal Command
Unit rule to do so - the Psychic Beacon makes the Astropath visible to all
Psykers on the battlefield).

Cancellation: Once this power has been activated, its effects remain until
the next combat phase. Whenever a psychic power is used within 75cm of the
Astropath, this power takes effect. This includes any Warlock, Farseer,
Astropath, Sanctioned Psyker, Librarian, or Greater Daemon special power.
Each player rolls a die; the Astropath adds +2 to their roll. If the
Astropath rolls equal to or higher than the other psyker's roll, then that
psychic ability fails for this attempt (though it may be used again next
turn). Note that Greater Daemons add +3 to their roll.

Guidance: The Astropath may site for artillery through the eyes of others.
There must be an Imperial unit within 25cm of the Astropath that can see the
target to be fired at, and the artillery detachment being sited for must be
within 75cm. If both conditions apply, then the artillery may fire
indirectly without having to roll scatter dice (artillery which always use
the dice regardless of indirect fire, such as the Doomweaver, must still
roll them).
Models: Use commander or Commissar models from GW Imperial Guard sprue or,
Chaplain or other special characters from GW Space Marine sprue.
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