[NetEpic ML] armies that i use

From: Damian Miller <damianmiller_at_...>
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 22:04:29 -0600

here are a few armies that i have played with that get results, i have
marines, orks, and squats(my favs).

                2 tactical companies, 750 pts each
                2 land raider companies, 600 pts each
                 spec, medic, 50 pts
                 spec, chaplain, 50 pts
                 spec, reaver, 500 pts
                 spec, leviathan, 350 pts
               3 det, whirlwinds, 150 pts each
               2 det, bikes, 150 pts each
               2 det vindicators, 150 pts each
               1 det terminators, 300 pts
                           total 5000 pts
  this armies listed are from force that i catually have, i normally try to
buy in companies, with specials and some detachments, when playing more
than 5000 pts i like to buy company cards with specials and 5 detachments,
just to make it interesting. the smart thing is to buy companies, theyre
cheaper and come with the valuable command units.

                1 iron breaker squadron, 900 pts
                1 squat biker force, 600 pts
                1 gyrocopter wing, 550 pts
                1 goliath battery, 450 pts
                1 squat brotherhood, 750 pts
                2 det thunderers, 600 pts
                6 det rhinos, 300pts
       spec 1 land trains, 4 cars, 550 pts
        spec 1 grand worlaord, 150 pts
                 1 det mole mortars

  this squat force covers just about every thing they have, you can swap
out thunders and rhinos for a blimp company, and some extra pts


                1 blood axe mob, 4 land raiders, 1 nobz, 1600 pts,
break point 19
                1 goff mob, 4 battle wagons, 1 nobz, 1250 pts
                1 mega gargant, 4 bonebreakas, 1 nobz, 2200 pts
       spec 1 warboss and stompas, 500 pts
                        total 5550 pts
       this army is flexible and a good starter if you have the figures, you
can shave a few points here and there for balance or add another mob to go
up to 7000 pts

        i hope this si the sort of thing that many of you are looking for ,
happy holidays
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