Re: [NetEpic ML] New army list entries?

From: Peter Ramos <primarch_at_...>
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 16:56:04 -0400

pariahpress wrote:

> I'm new to this whole NetEpic thing (though not entirely new to the
>SM2 ruleset). What is the process for new entries to be inducted
>into the army lists? Just searching through the archives here I've
>found posted stats for old minis (specific robot types, knights
>warden) and new ones (Warmonger titan), some of them from over a year
>ago, yet none of these appear in the WIP version 5.0 army lists.
>What needs to happen for these to become "official?"
> -Ethan
>P.S. I want Commisar Yarrick!
For this current edition, you can pretty much propose any units you want
with reasonable chances of it being included as an optional unit.

As for inclusion as a core unit or rule, it usually needs a lot of
playtest data and a 2/3 majority vote from list members for inclusion as
a core rule.

So while it is easy to propose optional units, its hard to get them
included as a core rule.

Also, the current complete rules are 4.1, the 5.0 ones are flexible and
are no where near completion. Additions get in as time permits.

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