Evil Suns, suggested tweak

From: Angel <angel_stranded_at_...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 14:47:42 -0000

Here's another little tweak I feel is worth putting in the next
version of the Ork list.

For Orks, when you buy extra Boyz or extra Nobz, they merge with an
existing clan to make a bigger mob rather than forming a separate mob
of their own.

If you have an Evil Suns clan, all the Orks automatically come with
Battlewagons so everybody is in a vehicle. They're the only clan
that does this.

So if you buy extra Boyz for an Evil Suns army, they must join up
with the mob but then you can't fit everybody into the battlewagons
any more! The whole clan has to slow down so the extra Boyz can run
alongside, keeping unit coherency. Of course you can buy extra
Battlewagons as well, but they come in detachments of 3 which is
overkill (each Battlewagon can carry 3 stands).

Suggestion: When buying extra Boyz or extra Nobz for an Evil Suns
clan, they can take three stands plus one Battlewagon rather than
four stands.

It's not a major alteration but it does make a difference, and it is
very appropriate to the fluff.

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