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Warprat wrote:
Hey everybody, here's some rules questions!
Ork Dragster:

1) How high is the Dragster force field?
2) Does the force field have any affect on Drop Pods landing on it?
3) When a Gargant blows up next to a Dragster, does the force field
   provide any protection to the units under it?

Drop Pods:

1) Can Drop Pods target enemy units, to fall on, before scatter
   is rolled?
2) If Drop Pods can target units, can they target unseen units in
3) What effect do Drop Pods have on buildings? Can you land on them?


1) Can buildings be targeted if there are no visable enemy in them?
2) Can empty buidings be targeted?
3) Do buildings need to save at -4, when hit by the Gargant Gutbuster
   Ball, as models do? Is a building considered a model?

1) Can Orks target thier own units on purpose? Can Nobz fire on Mad
   Boyz, kill a Mad Boy, then cause a new Mad Boyz roll to made?
   (Assuming they are not "Playing Dead."
2) When units on First Fire are Charged, does the defending First
   Fire unit Snap Fire at the Charging unit as it approaches, or fire
   at the last moment without the Snap Fire penalty?
3) How is Close Combat resolved when a titan initiates Close Combat with
   infantry, and tanks? How do the titan anti-personal weapons affect
   defending infantry and tanks? Is the CAF of the titan used at all?

Any comments would be appeciated,
                                  warprat ;)
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