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From: Kelvin <kx.henderson_at_...>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 17:10:48 +1100

At 08:32 PM 1/17/00 -0800, Warprat wrote:
>Hey everybody, here's some rules questions!


>Ork Dragster:

(Cool. I love my Dragstaz.)

>1) How high is the Dragster force field?

I believe it blocks line of sight to everything except a Titan.

>2) Does the force field have any affect on Drop Pods landing on it?

My club treated this as yes. They scattered as per a barrage hitting the

>3) When a Gargant blows up next to a Dragster, does the force field
>provide any protection to the units under it?

We said yes. Its just like most other explosions only bigger.

>Drop Pods:
>1) Can Drop Pods target enemy units, to fall on, before scatter
> is rolled?

I don't know how Drop Pods are worked under NetEpic, but in SM/TL, you took
the markers for the pods and actually dropped them onto the table from a
certain height. Any model hit by a marker was hit by a pod.

>2) If Drop Pods can target units, can they target unseen units in
>3) What effect do Drop Pods have on buildings? Can you land on them?

I'd say no. A Drop Pod would probably smash a building (and perhaps smash
the pod itself). Buildings are impassable to vehicles and I believe that
pods are destroyed if they land in impassable terrain (at least they used
to be).

>1) Can buildings be targeted if there are no visable enemy in them?

Of course.

>2) Can empty buidings be targeted?

Of course.

>3) Do buildings need to save at -4, when hit by the Gargant Gutbuster
>Ball, as models do? Is a building considered a model?

Certainly they do. The ball is great for Urban Renewal. And I would
consider buildings models.

>1) Can Orks target thier own units on purpose? Can Nobz fire on Mad
>Boyz, kill a Mad Boy, then cause a new Mad Boyz roll to made?
> (Assuming they are not "Playing Dead."

Personally, no. I think that these sorts of friendly casualties should be
strictly accidental.

>2) When units on First Fire are Charged, does the defending First
>Fire unit Snap Fire at the Charging unit as it approaches, or fire
>at the last moment without the Snap Fire penalty?

I'd say the second bit.

>3) How is Close Combat resolved when a titan initiates Close Combat with
> infantry, and tanks? How do the titan anti-personal weapons
>affect defending infantry and tanks? Is the CAF of the titan used
>at all?

The CAF gets used against any surviving enemy. And I would say that the
anti-personnel weapons would still take effect (with perhaps a +1 on the
survival roll for the defenders?).


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