Re: [NetEpic ML] Happy Birthday Net Epic

From: douglas woodcock <douglas_woodcock_at_...>
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 07:32:27 +0000 (GMT)

well done everyone and happy birthday!!

ramospeter <primarch_at_...> wrote:

Today is January 16th, the day Net epic was born 7 years ago!

On such a day all those years ago a foolish epic fan volunteered to
organize and coordinate the net epic project. We've come a LONG way
from the days of communicating via e-mails between 24 "founding"
members (there was no website or mailings group for it yet). After
nearly 10 months after much wrangling discussions and hard editing
work the first edition appeared. Crude by todays standards (and taking
into conisderation that your truely edited it as well...) it was well
received and thus Net Epic flourished.

Since those early days we have been blessed by dedicated webmasters to
maintain net epic's site and permit thousands to download the rules. A
mailing list with over 350 members so that they may express themselves
about their favorite game and a crew of dedicated individuals who give
their scarse free time to make net epic better.

Most importantly, net epic would not exsist if not for YOU, our
esteemed members. I personally thank you for your support. All of you
put the "NET" in net epic!!!

My special thanks to those individuals, without which, my task of
coordination would be impossible to perform:

Tom Webb, our webmaster "Lord of the Epicentre". I think you for our
new professional site, which is the best site ever. Your impact on the
spread of net epic cannot be underestimated. My humble thanks!

Jarreas Underwood, no net epic version would EVER see the light of day
if not for the super human efforts of its editors. Jar's ability and
prodigious capacity to organize, format and make available the soon to
be completed net epic version 5.0 are in keeping with the best
traditions of our previous editors. My enthusiastic thanks!

Make no mistake, these two gentlemen make the wheels of the net epic
machine go! Your efforts ARE noticed and highly appreciated.

We can all be proud to belong to a community that is now 7 years young
and will continue to support our great rules!

Long Live Net Epic!

Peter (foolish epic fan ;) )

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