Re: [NetEpic ML] New special ability for weapons

From: Peter Ramos <primarch_at_...>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 17:32:27 -0400

Jarreas Underwood wrote:

>How about this:
>Special ability: Point Defense
>These are vehicle-mounted weapons designed to shoot infantry. PD weapons are generally short range (15 cm) and only hit on 6+, but can always fire in the First Fire segment regardless of the vehicle's orders. This allows PD to fire at incoming attackers, or at nearby infantry units after you move.
>I can go back & designate the Imperial Bolters and Eldar Shuriken as PD easily enough. Anything not PD would fall under the normal orders & Snap Fire rules.

I like it. Simple to the point and it covers what it is meant to do.

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