[NetEpic ML] About mantis missiles

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Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 08:24:39 -0500

Why wouldn't the warlord ride in the gargant, that would be the orcky way. The mass desruction, would tickel the warlord, more then likely if a gorck or morck head was on it.

about incoming 3 what is up with no slann titan chart. I've been playing this army alot, at about 50% win lost record, and you alwasy fail to support it in your incomings.

About mantis missiles { We have found that they are alittle to strong on the mechs being able to fire every round, so we have changed the rule on them, to take one round to reload, Like on the mantacores. In this manner the Bullfrog is more justifed in points, being able to fire one rack of missiles, and saving one for the next round. ( 2 attack dice for mantis missiles ) }
So what do you think of this rule!!
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