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Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 17:23:57 -0800

After much pondering, I think that two per mob might work, but that if
they would be used as two, it should be a special card, this way if you
have oh say ten like me, you could field 3 at a time, or only the two
from the box. Also has anyone given any thought to the diferences
between a Mega garagnt being commanded by a Warlord vs. on being
commanded by a Warboss?


> >Interesting, does anyone other than me think this would be a good
> >alternative rule? If we go by traditional TL/SM rules, it would cost
> >2800 points and they would have to be within 25cm of the "Lord"
> >A little math and comparing weapons on the smaller gargants, and it
> >would cost somewere around 3700 points (I left my figures at work,
> >can post them if anyone but me feigns interest in this) the only
> >that bothers me about it is that it would have to be a WarLord on the
> >main, and war bosses on the subordinat mega's, so how that effects
> >orders I don't know. any way, just ramblings.
> Perhaps not three to the mob, but two? Most people only got the two
> came in the Titan Legions box (and as they sucked, never bought
more). So
> perhaps a mob of two? Not really a mob, but it would accomodate more
> players who only bought the basic box.
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