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Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 11:07:48 -0800

Great question! I would rule that they may NOT initiate close combat,
since they can not charge in it. Giving them the ability to even move
through it was a bonus, I think it is a reasonable penalty to not let
them assault and always give the grunts the upper hand. In other words
move through rough terrain when infantry is not around, otherwise you'll
be in for a bad day.


Well, close combat is also grenades, flamers and pistol fire. SO, the
cavalry guys would ride close to the woods and showe a few frag grenades
down the grunt's throats

Weasel Fierce

I think Weasel is right. I've played many game systems, from many
historical perspectives. Ancients to WWII, Napolionics to Star Wars.
The best decsription of cavalry, I've read, came from a Panzer Blitz
game. Cavalry is just "really fast infantry". They have no trouble in
forests. They love forests, just like infantry do. Forests are one of
the only places cavalry can utilize any kind of cover.

In real life, while my Stepfather was too young for the navy in WWII, he
joined a Civilian Defence Cavalry group, of old men and boys, in
Washington State. Washington has a LOT of woods. I can remember him
describing how they would practice galloping through those woods, and
learning to use thier weapons.

Cavalry does have some major limitations, however. It doesn't load well
in Armored Personel Carriers, and trucks. It's only as fast as a horse.
It cannot enter buildings. Most cover, that hides an infantry unit, does
nothing for a unit that uses horses. They don't sneak very well. And
finally, horses are not as smart as most people. ;)

I'll get off the Soapbox now,
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