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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 20:21:34 -0600


some new questions for you about Heresy:

1) what is the cost for the traitor heavy marines ? Is this 120 pts. as the
regular detachment?
160 points, this has been added to the list.

2) Where I can find a Behemoth miniature? Is this a conversion?
All these mini's are from the Game Masters line at: http://www.stellargames.com/maatac-prices.htm

I really appreciate Heresy and I will start to play the game as soon as
possible, but I found a "bug", for me, in the rules concerning the missing
armor modifier for close combat pourpose;i.e. if a greater daemon fight a
marine it can cause multiple armor hits for its greater assault factor, but
in any case the marines will test for survival with his full armor, I think
that this power should cause some sort of armor modifier.
Not really, note that you must compare the assault values of both forces involved. In your case the demon would get shifts due to morale and other factors thus making it many times its assault value than the marine giving it more dice and bonusses against the marines armor. In simple terms the marine doesn't stand a chance.

Thanks in advance

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