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Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 03:37:35 -0000

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> > Heck, I read a post by Jervis in the Epic Armageddon forums
> >endorsing NetEpic.
> Could you link or copy/paste that post ?

  Well, when I went to find it, I couldn't seem to bring it up with
the search function. Either the post was deleted or I'm suffering
from delusions. I seem to recall that an Epic fan was complaining
about how cool Space Marine was, and complaining about the lack of
characterful detail in E:A. Jervis said something to the effect
of, "Go ahead and play NetEpic; I won't mind." I feel bad about
misrepresenting. Believe me when I says that I thought I read what I
thought I read. What I read, y'know? :P
  Oh well, here's the best I can do: "Don't be shy about telling us
about websites that aren't strictly for Epic: Armageddon, but are of
interest to Epic players, such as the NetEpic website, for example."
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