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Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 15:21:00 -0400

I completely agree with maintaining a good relationship with GW. Adjusting
the cards to fit the new miniature releases is an excellant idea. Making
sure the website has easy access to E:A and the new miniatures will help
that relationship. Keeping NetEpic focused on our SM2/TL game system, yet
current with the new Epic miniature releases is in the best interest of
NetEpic and GW. I believe that this strategy will keep Netepic alive and
vibrant for the forseeable future and perhaps get some new players to try
that "other" Epic system.
Ed Raith
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> > [EPICentre Webmaster] I can see your point, there is little
> promotion,
> > for one reason we don't want to clash swords with Games Workshop,
> at the
> > moment we are in a friendly co-existance. We start to treat NetEPIC
> like
> > a business and that friendliness ends. I am all up for promotion of
> the
> > system, and have worked with several websites to boost exposure. Any
> > further suggestions are welcome.
> It seems to me that the best way to avoid "clashing" with GW is to
> encourage a symbiotic relationship with them. GW has made it clear
> by giving away its own rules for free that they intend to make all of
> their Epic profits from miniatures sales. If the NetEpic folks were
> to attempt to coodinate their efforts with GW's miniatures releases,
> they would make an asset of themselves; essentially turn themselves
> into free advertising for Citadel miniatures.
> A few suggestions along those lines:
> Make new army cards which are more compatable with how the minis
> are packaged these days. I. E. units of two (2) Deathstrikes, etc.
> Make an effort to release trial rules for new miniatures in a
> timely fashion with their release. While many here have the sort
> of "can-do" attitude which allows them to come up with rules on the
> spot, others have a more "end user" approach and merely wish to play
> the game.
> By encouraging people to buy the new miniatures we not only make
> ourselves (I count myself among your number based on my single
> contribution to the group, the Whiteshields rules) useful to GW, but
> by encouraging people to buy Epic miniatures, we help to ensure that
> GW will continue to produce them, surely important for NetEpic's long-
> term health.
> Heck, I read a post by Jervis in the Epic Armageddon forums
> endorsing NetEpic.
> I hope this doesn't come off as being excessively pro-GW or
> anything; I understand that there is a certain anarchic spirit
> involved here. Just a suggestion on my part, and one that I perhaps
> should back up with more contributions of my own.
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