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How about keeping the Grey Knight terminators as a special card, but
allowing grey knights in power armour as a support card. Only one card
per army (or 3000 pts.)???


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Jarreas Underwood wrote:

>>does a full grey knight army really fit into Epic ?
>IMHO, no. Perhaps we can simulate it by making it akin to a Chapter:
>Gray Knight Army: Gray Knights are Support Cards instead of Special
Cards. You must be facing Chaos, and may not ally with non-Imperial
>Add some limitations (I don't know what the 40k army rules are) -
perhaps a minimum percentage into Gray Knights, or no artillery or
>That'll give us a Grey Knight list without too much work. Of course, if
anyone wants to go through the 40k book and write something nice up, by
all means!

I like that Jar. Besides it wouldn't be too long since there are onlly
three units:

1. Grey knight terminators
2. Grey knights in power armor
3. Grey knight land raider

We already have rules for Inquisitors and Ordo, so it would be pretty
simple. I like the "against chaos only" restriction, flavorful. :-)


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