Help With Hardware Book/ Proxy Ideas

From: Wes Garrison <wes_garrison2001_at_...>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 16:58:31 -0000

Hi...saw the hardware book...great Idea! So I would like to help if I
can. My group and I have been collection and playing epic off and on
for over 10 years and we have just about every single army
represented...except Dwarves...waste of time! lol. SO if you need an
specific pics of OOP minis or hard to find minis I am sure I can drag
it up. If you need any help anyone can personally email me _at_
wesgarrison _at_ hotmail com

Also one resource I have is my best friend owns and runs one of the
biggest Architectural Model shops here in Orlando...he has a spin
caster and just about anything else. Point is..when I need a Company
of 2 ed Land Raiders... I just take my master mold it and cast it in
his shop. Right now we are working on casting and molding a sprue of
Tyranids...since they are so hard to find. Its ironic that someone
here should say we need better proxies due to possible GW no longer
supporting epic in a few years. We have been kicking around the idea
of making some proxies if anyone is a good artists and
can draw up some ORIGINAL proxy ideas...I bet I or my group could have
a go at modeling them and casting them up for kicks....let me know if
anyone wants to kick this idea around.


I will be posting pics of some of our armies and games in the near
future since the group decided to start aggressively pursue the Net
Epic Rules which are fantastic

--- In, magnus_at_i... wrote:
> I've uploaded a few initial sample pages for the hardware book.
> Before actually going on and doing all the work, I'd like to get some
> initial feedback.
> My purpose is to create an electronic book which can be used as a
> reference by all Epic players. Ideally, it should contain pictures of
> miniatures representing each and every epic detachment mentioned in
> the army lists, along with useful info (like availability). If at all
> possible, it should also have pictures and info on available proxies,
> especially for OOP, hard to find minis.
> Further refinements would be to add the relevant GW catalog pages,
> along with images of the various costituent bits and codes. Final
> release should have an initial index cross linked to the images'
> pages, to increase ease of use. I guess the obvious things to do
> would be to list all the army cards with stand composition cross
> linked to the relevant page.
> Thoughts?
> Luca
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