[NetEpic ML] Slann Mech mods

From: Darius \ <darius.spano_at_...>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 14:06:35 -0500

I'm still not clear on the modifiers for Slann mechs. If they get in the rear from a devastator stand and fail their special fixed save of 3 would they get a -1 save mod because of the devastators TSM of -1 and an additional -2 because it was a rear shot? I understand the first save is fixed and can't be altered but after failing that intial save do the side and rear shot mods come to play? I just checked the new rules and they seem to agree with this. Correct me if I am wrong. My friend and I are trying to play test as much as posssible because we think they are a good army but we need precedents because the game does get slowed up some because no one is quite clear on the rules yet. Thanks.
Darius & Hellreich
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