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Ah! Sorry my mistake I didn't understand your question first time around.

Your assumption is correction if the unmodifiable fixed save is failed then the armor save is modifiable by side and rear shots as well as weapons with save modifiers.

Example. A slann mech with armor save of 3, gets hit by a battle cannon (-2 modifier). It first takes its unmodifiable 3+ save and fails (note the volcanos -4 does not apply), now it must save at -2 to its armor 5+. has teh shot come from the side the modifier is -3, -2 for the weapon plus the -1 from the side. From the rear arc it would be a -4 (-2 from the weapon and -2 from the rear arc.

I hope this clears it up, more importantly once Ken and I revise everything your observations will be included to make it clear.

By the way I'd like to include your name and your friends in the Slann army credits for your contribution in playtesting these rules. Send me their names when your able and I'll include it.


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  I'm still not clear on the modifiers for Slann mechs. If they get in the rear from a devastator stand and fail their special fixed save of 3 would they get a -1 save mod because of the devastators TSM of -1 and an additional -2 because it was a rear shot? I understand the first save is fixed and can't be altered but after failing that intial save do the side and rear shot mods come to play? I just checked the new rules and they seem to agree with this. Correct me if I am wrong. My friend and I are trying to play test as much as posssible because we think they are a good army but we need precedents because the game does get slowed up some because no one is quite clear on the rules yet. Thanks.
  Darius & Hellreich


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